Computerized Engine Analysis                 29.00/$120.00


·         Digital Engine Analysis

Evaporative system smoke machine test $ 120.00

A network of sensors and switches keep track of as well as transform engine operating problems into electric signals. The computer obtains and categorizes information and relays it to the dashboatrd, commands are sent to 3 different systems: ignition, emission, and fuel control. Whenever a problem emerges (as seen by that bothersome check engine light), our service pros check whatever command is prompted, in addition to seeing which sensors are malfunctioning our technicians can determine whether the check engine light is a result of a faulty sensor or a larger problem


·         Below's a short summary of your car's physical parts that may prompt the lighting of a check engine light


ü  Mass air flow sensing unit

ü  Throttle location sensing unit

ü  Manifold outright pressure sensing unit

ü  Coolant temperature sensing unit

ü  Exhaust oxygen sensor

ü  Crankshaft position sensor

Camshaft position sensor.

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