Brake Service Packages           $159.00/$299.00


 ü  Standard front or rear brake pads maintenance service (ceramic pads & labor) $159.00. Replace front or rear brake pad linings.  Check front brake disc rotor condition.  Clean and lubricate brake calipers and slide mechanisms.  Check and fill brake fluid.  Bleed air from system.  Road test vehicle. Approval from customer is necessary if techician finds any other necessary repair.

ü  Both Front & Rear Brake pads & labor only    $ 299.00.



·         Master Cylinder

The master cylindrical tube produces hydraulic stress which presses brake liquid to the wheel brakes when stress is used to the brake pedal.

·         Brake Lines as well as Hoses

Steel brake lines and also high stress rubber tubes are the avenues where the pressurized brake liquid travels.



Kinds of Brakes:

·         Disc Brakes

Disc brakes contain a Disc Brake Rotor, which is affixed to the wheel, as well as a Caliper, which holds the Disc Brake Pads. 




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