A/C service  Inspection     -    $109.00/$129.00 


  • Compressor:

The compressor is a belt-driven device that derives its name from compressing refrigerant gas and transferring it into the condenser.


  • Condenser:

The condenser's primary function is to cool the refrigerant.

Inspection include full charge, dye leak inspection, standard electric or vacuum connector components, Standard inspection, customer will be called to update and estimate.


  • Receiver (drier):

Commonly located on the liquid line of the AC system, you should change your drier every 3-4 years to ensure quality filtration and prevent any damage caused by any chemicals within the vehicle.


  • Orifice tube/expansion valve:

The orifice tube (also known as the expansion valve) is a controlling mechanism that regulates the flow of refrigerant throughout the system.


  • Evaporator:

The evaporator allows the refrigerant to absorb heat, causing it to change and boil into a vapor. Because the evaporator houses the most refrigerant in this heat transfer process, it is the most susceptible to corrosion by harmful acids.


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