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·         If we feel as if the inspection is leading us to a more complex problem in the vehicle and requires additional time the advanced inspection will increase the price from the previous charge of $49.00 to $102.00


·         In an effort to properly address the issue at hand with your vehicle we take our time and carefully inspect the problem, this helps us serve you better by creating an accurate diagnosis and enables us to begin repairing your vehicle in an efficient and proper fashion


* The Shop Supplies are miscellaneous materials needed to repair your car. They are included in all invoices  


Shop Supplies
Air Conditioning Service
Batteries Light System Simbols Diagnostic
Cooling System Belts & Hoses
Brake Service & Systems
Computerized Engine Analysis
CV & Drive Axle
Oil, Lube, and Filter
Suspension & Steering System
Tires & Wheels - Tire Rotation
Transmission Maintenance
Wheel Alignment
Wheel Balance
Other Services

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